Flex 3 - HW

Presentations for tomorrow:
Valeria, Mali and Luba
If you would like me to have a look at your presentation please send it to me.
1st 10 minutes of class please do role play and / or the e-tray exercise (see below)
Please send feedback for Yulia's presentation last week - complete the online form and submit:
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Hello again Click Me!,
I have attached units about planning and giving a presentation for your buddy meetings.
Class exercise for Wednesday:
Please Read the following exercise carefully in your buddy groups. In class discuss the email and choose your answer from the 3 options A, B, C.
You will have 10 minutes to discuss and draft the email reply. Then we will talk about it together in class for you to justify your answer. 
Company Car. You receive this email from R. Patel...
Subject: Delivery of new company car
I've completed final negotiations with the garage supplying your new company car. They'll have it ready for collection between 3 and 5 PM on Thursday 21 October, so I would be grateful if you could arrange for it to be collected at that time. They have agreed to include the sunroof, remote alarm and the CD player at the price we originally agreed. I've also arranged for your old car to be collected from the car park at Head Office on the afternoon of the same day. Please let me know immediately of any faults that you notice. When we're paying this amount of money for a car it should be perfect!
What do you do?

A - Collect the car yourself
B - Arrange to collect the car another day
C - Arrange for someone else to collect the car
Good morning Flex 3,
Feedback is an important part of the presentation. We are in a training program and learning by error correction and comments of colleagues is one of the most effective methods to ensure improvement.
You are members of this group for the purpose of practicing, improvoving and enriching you English abilities in a professional and practical way.
I expect all of you to take this first round of presentation exercises seriously and as part of your own personal opportunity to develop an English language training program.
I expect everyone to structure the presentation as follows:
*Personal intro
*Intro to the presentation
*Intro to the subject
*Summary / Conclusion
*Q & A
Please study the web site:- focus on the slide show and no. 2 (but look around at other links to assist you:

Please add your FB on Yulia's presentation:

Good Luck,

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I have given you all role play exercises to practice with your buddies or with the partner I chose for you. Follow this link:
Click on the link to the role play in column G to prepare.
Class exercise for tomorrow:

Please Read the following exercise carefully in your buddy groups. In class discuss the email and choose your answer from the 3 options A, B, C.
You will have 10 minutes to discuss and draft the email reply. Then we will talk about it together in class for you to justify your answer.
The scenario
Your name is A Shalom and you are the Marketing Manager of a company named Med Pharm. Your boss is Sara Clifton.
Med Pharm is a retailing company specialising in sales of foods and pharmaceutical products that has branches through the country.
Its head office, where you work, is in Tel Aviv and its CEO is Haim Ben Haim.
Med Pharm hired you because you are an ambitious, positive thinker who'll make things happen. Good luck!
Question 1 - Conference Confusion
You receive this email from the company CEO, Haim Ben Haim ...
Subject: Innovations in Drugs Conference 21st October
I've just had a phone conversation with Frank Fielding of Kemiko, who are the major drug manufacturing company organizing the above conference.
He tells me that there is going to be a presentation by the manufacturers ofSupranine, a revolutionary new drug for hay fever sufferers that has just been approved for sale over the counter by retailers in this country.
I've read several reviews of this new drug, and it looks set to take a very large share of the overall market.
I feel that the market in hay fever remedies is one that we have never properly got to grips with in this company, and since the size of this sector of the market expands every year, we must do something about this. We also regularly see drug sales plummet in the spring and summer months when cold remedies are not selling - increased sales of hay fever products would help to reduce this.
I've arranged a meeting with Karen for the week after the conference to discuss this, but she is on holiday the week before and therefore cannot attend the conference itself. I want you to make sure that you bring back a copy of all handouts relating to this product and any other information that you think we'll need when coming to our decision as to whether or not to market this product.
What do you do?
A - Attend the conference
B - Send someone else
C - Don't attend but order material to be sent
From: howard1@bezeqint.net [mailto:howard1@bezeqint.net]
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2015 10:06 AM
To: Bar Shadmi; Dganit Wirtheim; hb; Igor Shumak; Irit Sheffer; Kobi Zurich; Luba Davidov; Maayan Feldman; Moshe Timsit; Naama Avneri; Nadav Harush; Neta Hakmon; Orli Holdstein; Ravit Lev; Raz Klinman; Ruslan Gutsuleac; Tal Grinberg; Valeria Pushkov; Yulia Bilo
Subject: Flex 3

Good morning Flex 3,
I have attached another unit for practice.
In class on Wednesday please sit in pairs or 3's and use the attached unit as practice to simulate an interview in English relevant to your job or a different position in Flex - in English.
Please continue to find new Flex 3 Buddies to practice with and register your meeting on the web site.
Confirm your meetings with your Buddy by email and CC me in.

Please send me copies of emails that you have sent and received recently for work. I will put them on screen in class so we can discuss them together

Please confirm receipt of this email,

Have a great day Click Me! 

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For those of you who don't have gmail or cannot open a gmail account, here is the username and password:
Password: flextronics  

PLEASE NOTE - on the home page you will see the 'Flex Buddies' on the top right.
This week please make an appointment with someone from the group - fill in the form with the 2 names of the study pair and submit the form.
These meetings should be arranged and confirmed by email and any changes, cancellations or rescheduling should be by email.
ALL emails you send to anyone from the group should CC me in.

In your meetings you can have a conversation, practice a meeting or presentation or do the HW units together.
Each meeting should be no less than 10 minutes.

Check out the pages about emails on the web site to help you with your writing

Best wishes,


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Good morning everyone,
Things to do:
1) HW - 2 units attached to practice and prepare before next lesson.
2) Find a friend from the group to practice with and register it on the page:
http://flextronicsisrael.blogspot.co.il/?zx=5d3653183decd139.  If you can't access the site then send me your gmail and I will allow you access.
 - it can be a simple 10 minute conversation, chat about work or doing the HW units together.
3) Prepare to speak in the lesson next week - personal introduction and work related discussion.

The ONLY way to improve your English is to use it and practice, practice, practice.

Go to the web site page "Units & Start Practice" - http://level-units.blogspot.co.il/?zx=8733fd9bc5a02509 - to watch you tube grammar lessons.

See you next week,

Best wishes,