Flex 1 - HW

EMAIL exercise:
Write to a customer to tell them that the product / service they want is not available at the moment. Prepare the situation using the questions below.
The information can be real or imaginary.
  • What is your company’s business?
  • What products/services do you offer?
  • What is the particular product/service that you normally offer, but is not available at the moment?
  • Why?
  • When is it going to be available again?
  • Who is the customer that you are writing to?
  • Why do they need your product/service?
  • Are you going to promise any action, give additional information, offer help, or simply say that you will tell them when the product/service is available again?
Work with your buddies. Now write the email in a formal/neutral style. When you finish, work with a partner. Check each other’s grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.
Is everything clear, well-structured and easy to understand?
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Date: 28/07/2015 11:14:40
Subject: Flex 1 : Email exercise.
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Date: 27/07/2015 10:32:47
Subject: Email exercise.
Email exercise.
You have received this email from a dissatisfied customer about a delivery.   
1) Read and understand the email.    
2) In class, work together in a group or with a buddy partner and discuss how you will react to this email.  
3) Write your response.  
You will have 15 minutes to write an email reply.   We will discuss your responses in class
To: Flextronics Israel
[customer's name & address]
Dear Sir/ Madam
Reference: 12345c
On 1st July 2015 I placed the above order with you.
The item has still not been delivered.
According to our contract you are required to deliver the item within the agreed time of no more than 14 days.
As 27 days have elapsed since I placed the order, you have failed to fulfill this statutory requirement and are therefore in breach of contract.
(I am now making time of the essence.)
If you do not send me the [item] by the end of July I will consider our contract at an end, as I am entitled to do in law, and will expect you to refund me the full purchase price without delay.
Yours sincerely
Hi Everyone,
I have attached the 2 units for you to work with with your 'buddies' and on Wednesday in class in pairs and 3's.
Check out the web site to make a study meeting with a buddy from the group.
Have a great day  Click Me!
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Good Morning Flex 1,
Please come to class today with the intention to try and SPEAK in English.
I have attached a unit for you to practice.
Please don't forget to bring emails you have sent recently and be ready to talk about them.
If you want you can send me copies of the emails and then I can show them on screen so we will discuss them together.
Have a great day Click Me! 
Please confirm receipt of this email,
Best wishes,
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Hello everyone,
Please don't forget to bring emails you want to discuss - we will discuss the best ways to write and improve and we will also practice speaking.
You will speak today in pairs or 3's - please prepare to introduce yourself and your job in English (with as many details as you can). 
Best wishes,
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Good morning Group 1,
In the last lesson I asked you all to go to the web site.
I sent you homework to do - 2 units to study, practice and be ready to do the exercises at the bottom of the units in class.
I asked you to find a 'Flex Buddy' from the group and arrange some time to study and speak together.
So far nobody from the group has registered on the 'Flex Buddies' page and so I understand that nobody has done the homework.
Homework is not optional - practice is the only way to improve your English.
Please be ready to speak and have conversations in class today - personal introduction and work description.
Everyone participates please.
Have a great day, 
Best wishes,
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Good morning everyone,
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Things to do:
1) Go to the web site and start filling in the online forms -
http://flextronicsisrael.blogspot.co.il/?zx=5d3653183decd139.  If you can't access the site then send me your gmail and I will allow you access.
2) Find a friend from the group to practice with today and register it on the page - it can be a simple 10 minute conversation, chat about work or doing the HW units together.
3) Prepare to speak in the lesson tomorrow - personal introduction and work related discussion.
The ONLY way to improve your English is to use it and practice, practice, practice.
Go to the web site page "Units & Start Practice" - http://level-units.blogspot.co.il/?zx=8733fd9bc5a02509 - to watch you tube grammar lessons.
See you tomorrow,
Best wishes,